This race has two options. One is the traditional Sprint Course with a Swim, Bike, Run. The second option was added for 2013 with a Swim, Bike, Run, Swim, Bike Run again for a double triathlon. This Olympic or Double Sprint is considered an F1 format and is great during the heat of July.

Sprint Course Distance
500 Meters
12.4 Miles
3.1 Miles
Sprint Course Maps
*see below
Olympic or Double Sprint Course Distance
1000 Meters
24.8 Miles
6.2 Miles
Olympic or Double Sprint Course Course Maps
*see bleow


Course Description

Sprint Course

- Swim 500 Meters, in a pool doing S-laps. Starting on the West side of the pool change lanes each length of the swim East until you exit. Swimmers will enter the pool every 15 seconds based on the fastest to slowest swimmer. We will have plenty of help and instruction and we promise it will make sense on race day.

- Bike 12.5 Miles, after you exit the transition area you will go west on a country road to Mendon, Utah. Just prior to Mendon at 6.25 Miles you will see someone who will turn you around and you will come back. The road is primarily flat and farmlands.

- Run 3.1 Miles, after you exit the transition area you will go South on city roads to a city park and golf course. There you will find a beautiful path following a river under a canopy of trees where you can enjoy the scenery. At Mile 1.55 you will see a volunteer who will turn you around for complete 5K run.

Olympic or Double Sprint

This is the same exact course as the Sprint Course however when you complete the Sprint Course you will reenter the Swim instead of the finish and do the whole Sprint over game. This F1 format was introduced in 2013 with a great response from the participants.


Aid Stations

Aid stations will be on the run at Mile 1 and 2. There will also be an aid station for Mile 3.1, 4.1, and 5.1 on the run for those doing the Double Sprint. These aid stations will be loaded with Water, Heed Electrolyte, and Hammer Gels. The finsih will also have bread and peanut butter for sandwiches, bananans, oranges, drink, and more.

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